As per December 11th 2018 TIIN Capital launched its 6th Venture Capital Fund. Focus is on early stage companies and scale ups, active in Cybersecurity and IoT Security solutions. The Fund is an unique Cybersecurity fund for startups and scale ups and will be at the heart of Europe’s strongest eco-system and is funded by amongst others the city of The Hague, regional investment firm InnovationQuarter, KPN Ventures and the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy (EZ&K) through RVO’s so called seed facility. We work closely together with The Hague Security Delta and KPN Ventures, which deliver industry knowledge, talent and acces to markets.


Are you an investor?

During 2019 subsequent Closings has taken place. Since we are still open for new investors in the Fund during the first half of 2020 we challenge you to contact us. If you would like to learn about how you can invest in the future of Cybersecurity and IoT Security, please call us +31 30 225 12 21 or mail to

Are you looking for capital?

We are in the process of scouting and selecting tech innovators and entrepreneurs that have the ambition to become one of tomorrow’s global industry leaders. If you are such a tech entrepreneur and are you running a Cybersecurity startup or Scale up which needs capital for further growth? We want you!

Portfolio companies

During 2019 we finalized two investments, being CERTUS Port Automation, a company active in Port Automation and Security, located in The Netherlands  with a subsidiary in Israël and activities in China, USA and South America and Securely, a startup Cybertech company which has a Saas solution which detects and prioritizes attacks on web applications. The relevant attacks are subsequently made visible in a dashboard on behalf of the IT department and/or CISO. In 2020 so far two investments are finalized. The first one is, a startup which developed a commercial violence recognition algoritm using advanced deep learning techniques on behalf of amongst others municipalities, private security companies and retail, the second one is Cloud Security Group, a buy-and-build platform with the goal to scale up managed security services companies, specialised in services such as cloud computing, security and infrastructure, by combining and integrating activities of such companies. The first acquisition that has taken place in 2020 concerns Felton.


Send us ( your email pitch if you have the ambition to expand in the Netherlands and/or jump to the rest of Europe or if you want to develop your business or product. Make sure in your email that it is clear that you have the 3 P’s:

  • The right people on board,
  • The right product (which solves a cybersecurity problem) and
  • The right process and strategy of becoming successful

Further criteria for an investment are, amongst others:

Early stage/startups:

  • Amongst others Cybersecurity, Compliancy, Securing IoT, Cloud Security, and Securing Automotive.
  • HQ in the Netherlands or plans to establish an office in the Netherlands
  • Scalable, disruptive, growth ambition
  • Team with vision, winners
  • Investments of € 200.000 up to € 1.000.000

Scale ups:

  • Amongst others Cybersecurity, Compliancy, Securing IoT, Cloud Security, and Securing Automotive.
  • HQ in the Netherlands or plans to establish an office in the Netherlands
  • Scalable, buy-and-built, innovative, growth ambition/plan
  • Mature team with vision, winners and execution power
  • Investments of € 500.000 up to € 2.500.000




Why team up with us?

The investment professionals of Dutch Security TechFund are dedicated to help and assist the startups and scale ups in maximizing value and growth of the business. We want to help companies in solving cybersecurity problems and protecting the world (starting with The Netherlands) and the businesses that are part of our economy. We are keen on realizing a safe and healthy digital future.

We want to be successful and therefore our potential investments should be equipped with teams with a vision and certain capabilities. Dutch Security TechFund is eager to find and scout companies that have the right people on board, the right product (which solves a cybersecurity problem) and the right process and strategy of becoming successful.

We want to select only innovators and entrepreneurs with vision, passion and a brilliant solution. From our side you may expect fully commitment and support to your company in order to become successful. Each company will have its own, unique path to success and therefore our support will be ‘tailor made’ each time. We have focus and flexibility!

We bring you to the next level by not only investing capital, but also by using our unique and strong eco-system in the Netherlands, with crossways abroad. Besides giving hands on support, the business network will help you with access to advice, network, talents, markets and in some cases a test environment. The eco-system consists of corporates, governmental bodies, regional investment companies, angel investors and industry experts.